Saviors of the Realm

The Damnation of Lorburn

Players Present: Laucian Nailo,Xarbrez.Erendor,Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar,Nessence

Xarborez deftly healed Ulfgar before he could loose any more life, the dwarf sprang back up to his feet invigorated and ready to take on the Goblin King and rightfully reclaim his war ax. Tharviol shot arcane magic missiles at the king while the wizard Lucien shot crossbow bolts at the fowl beast. An unknown Elvish figure appeared at the doorway shooting her bow into the direction of our heroes. Endor swung gallantly with his scimitar but the powerful king parried the blow and flung the sword out of the Druids grasp. Yimmeh attempted to bite the king but failed again and again. The unidentified elf shot her bow and slammed an arrow into the benevolent Xarborez dealing him five points of damage.

When all seemed lost for the band of brave companions Ulfgar, Endor, Xarborez and Yimmeh all confronted the King and began a full assault. The King artfully dodged Xarborez’s mace which flung to the ground, but wasn’t so lucky against Ulfgar’s long sword or Endor and his graceful scimitar. Lucien fires his trust light crossbow and lands a critical bolt right into the chest of the King. After heavily damaging the king he retreats back to his throne. He drops Ulfgar’s war ax and claims to surrender but the heroes see he has a dagger hidden on his leg.

The king says how he has a powerful regiment of goblins and they were only attacking and taking what they needed to survive, and that the man in black, known only as “S”, forced him and his people to step out of line. He also gave the heroes a scrap of a map and told them that as they speak S was burning down Lorburn and all of its inhabitants. The heroes consider joining up with the King but in the end he rushes them stabbing Endor in the chest. The heroes quickly finish off the king and rush to Lurburn.

The heroes arrive aghast to find the city bathed in a halo of crimson light. The man in black is casting firebolt after firebolt setting the whole town ablaze. Tharviol tries to cast ray of frost on the fire to help combat it but its effects are useless. The town writhes with arcane flames as everything that is touched by them is destroyed. Xarborez is grief stricken and dashes around the town to find his companion, Janatis Woodsoul. He approaches the shrine and finds it an ashy wasteland. He calls out in vain for her but hears no return. Deciding that they can not do anything more they depart to the Port of Ysgrival, the town marked on the map. After over twenty days of travel they enter the giant town, its impressive size overlooks a great ocean but everyone is too road weary to take in the sights. The travelers find the inn and all purchase rooms for the night to rest their tired selves.

5 gold peices
200 EXP each for everyone but Nessence who received 90 EXP

Bonus EXP-
Xarbrez- 25 EXP for having dice
Tharivol Bardson- 125 EXP; 25 for dice, 100 for writing the adventure log.

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 3

Players Present: Laucian Nailo, Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez, Erendor

After a sudden flash of light, the ork druid that had been with the party vanished and instead Erendor stood in his place with his animal companion, a wolf called Yimmeh. The flash knocked out Eldon, so Ulfgar picked him up. Finally Laucian rushed in to join the players after a very long nap. The players then preceded to brutalize the goblins, though they goblins did succeed in knocking Yimmeh unconscious. However, Erendor and Xarbrez took care of healing up the party. The players then returned to the room where they had fought the demon altar and found two hallways leading off of it; the hall on the left led to a room with chests, but because Eldon was unconscious they opted to head the other way which was a hallway which they could not see all the way down because of a thick fog. Ulfgar and Erendor advanced and set of a pitfall which Ernendor avoided, but Ulfgar fell into. After climbing out the Ulfgar saw a corridor stemming off of the hallway that they were in that looked as though it was supported by wooden beams. Instead of going that way, Tharivol went back into the previous room, cut off a corse’s hand, cast light on it, and through it into the fog. The players heard a sound of surpris and prepared for battle. As the moved through the fog, they saw a bugbear sitting on a throne sitting next to a man in black robes. The bugbear charged at the players with a dwarven waraxe while the man in black robes looked on. The players shoot bolts at the man in black, but they all missed. Finally, the bugbear struck Ulfgar with a mighty blow, knocking him unconscious. The man in black grined, and then teleported away.

270 EXP for everyone but Eldon,Laucian and Erendor, who each receive 180 EXP

Bonus EXP-
Xarbrez- 25 EXP for having dice
Tharivol- 25 EXP for having a major part in organizing the play session

Level Up-
Eldon reached level 2

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 2

Players Present: Eldon Thorngage,Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez, Ork Druid

After spending a week recovering in Lorburn, the players are finally ready to go back to the lair of the goblins. Before departing, Xarbrez went to visit Janatis Woodsoul to thank her for administering care to him. After a pleasant chat, Xarbrez asks Janatis if she had any first aid supplies, which she had and gave to him free of charge. Eldon went to the blacksmith to buy five new bolts and, through a combination of sweet talking and the orkish blacksmith’s stupidity, was able to get the bolts for a whooping one silver and twenty copper. Tharivol also went to the blacksmith to buy bolts, but did not get such a good deal paying five silver for the bolts. Finally, an orkish druid and his bear cub joined the players as the headed back to the goblins lair.

On the way to the goblins lair, the players encountered a group of two hobgolins and three goblins. After quickly defeating them, which happened partly because the enemies kept dropping their weapons, the orkish druid found on of the hobgoblins longswords and gave it to Ulfgar, who by this time was armed to the teeth with all the weapons he had collected. The players then made it the rest of the way to the goblins lair.

After opening the first set of doors, the players opened the doors leading to the room with the pool and looked down the hallway and found nothing. The players then turned around and headed into the hallway with split into two directions, one of which had been unexplored, and the other being the way to where the demon altar had resided. The players decided that they would go the way they had not went yet and found that the doors were locked, however, this was not a problem because Eldon unlocked it on his first try. On the other side of the doors were a dozen goblins! The players organized themselves and prepared for battle, the goblins did the same. After lightly striking and killing a goblin, the players heard the goblins complaining that the adventures just had to come after their wrestling tournament. This did not stop three goblins from swarming Ulfgar and injuring him. The ork healed him back to full strength and the play session ended id encounter.

180 EXP each
A long sword

Bonus EXP-
Eldon-25 EXP for roleplaying
Tharivol-25 EXP for having his own dice
Xarbrez-50 EXP, 25 for dice and 25 for roleplaying

Level Ups-
Ulfgar,Tharivol, andXarbrez all reached Level 2
Notes on Leveling:
The players can level their characters during time in town. Also classes that learn new spells, like wizards and sorcerers, must learn those spells from a teacher.

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 1

Player Present: Eldon Thorngage, Krusk, Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez

After returning to Lorburn, the players split up and look for something to do to occupy their time. Ulfgar went to the graveyard, dug a hole, and buried the bugbear head, in hopes that it would one day grow into a bugbear tree. Tharivol went to The Drunken Dwarf, and asked Othal Fararr if he knew of any work that the players could do. He informed Tharivol that the entire village was gathered at town hall. Xarbrez went to the shrine to pray, and Eldon Thorngage ran around the village searching for work. When the players regrouped they went to the town hall, where the village was discussing what to do about the goblin raids. The players volunteered to clear out the goblin stronghold, however, they were unsure of where to go. After learning that Dorgrim Baztek, the village drunk, might have knowledge of the strongholds location the players headed to The Drunken Dwarf.

The players found Dorgrim, passed out in the corner of the tavern. After gently waking him up, the players after him if he had any knowledge of the goblin stronghold. He said he did, but that he needed a beer to remember. After Tharivol bought him a pint, he lead them to the goblin stronghold which was hidden in the mountains.

Inside the stronghold, the players came to a pair of double doors. Eldon listened at the doors and heard footsteps while Krusk used detect evil and sensed three weak evil presences. Ready for battle, the players opened the doors and engaged a bugbear and two hobgoblins in combat. After slaying them, Ulfgar chopped of the head of the bugbear and then the party proceded to search the bodies, finding nothing. However, the noise of the battle attracted the attention of more enemies, a hobgoblin and two goblins, who entered the chamber the players where in from the left. The players quickly slew the two goblins, and the hobgoblin, fearing for his life, fled. This second encounter leaves the players wary about the rest of the stronghold, so they head back to Lorburn to recover.

While recovering in Lorburn, Ulfgar went to the blacksmith to inquire about acquiring better armor. When he learned he did not have enough money, Ulfgar attempted to barter with the blacksmith by offering him a bugbear head; this did not go over well with the blacksmith though because he was an orc and orcs are related to bugbears. Tharivol went to Garret’s Goods to inquire about buying healing potions. After Garret Goodbarrel lectured him about how difficult it was to acquire health potions, Tharivol revealed that he did not have the money to buy a health potion and Garret yelled at him, telling him to leave and come back with money. Krusk went to the blacksmith to inquire about serrating his great axe, but after hearing how much it would cost, left without enhancing his weapon. Xarbrez went to the shrine again where he met with Janatis Woodsoul told him that it was rumored that there was a goblin king in the stronghold and that if he was defeated, the goblins would have no leader and the raids would stop. Finally, Eldon went to Garret’s Goods, hoping that since both he and Garret were halfling, he might be more successful then Tharivol. He was not though, and he was kicked out of Garret’s Goods.

After they had recovered, the players returned to the goblin stronghold. The doors had been closed again and Krusk’s detect evil sensed a weak aura. When the doors were opened, the players found a bugbear moving the corpses from the players first trip to the stronghold. After slaying it, the players searched the room again, Ulfgar removed the bugbear’s head and found a morning star. The players then proceeded through the doors on the right and cautiously entered an empty room that had a shallow pool of water in it. Heading back through the first room and into the hall to the left, they came to a locked door. After Eldon unlocked and opened it, the players came to a crypt with three sealed stone coffins and one that had been smashed. At the far side of the room was an altar with a bright red gem in it. In front of the altar was the motionless body of a bugbear. The players proceeded with caution into the room, shooting a crossbow bolt at the bugbear to make sure it was actually dead, and not just sleeping. However, it was then that the altar flashed red and a voice cried out, “Mortals!”. At that same moment, hobgoblin zombies bust from the coffins and the bugbear rose as a zombie. Xarbrez attempted to turn the undead twice, succeeding at turning the three hobgoblin zombies. Meanwhile, the others focus their attack on the altar, hoping that by destroying it they would make the zombies stop being zombies. The altar retaliated by shooting arcane bolts of energy and making flashes of red light, but due to the onslaught of blows bing rained upon it, was eventually cracked in half. However, the zombies remained after the altar had been destroyed, and that bugbear zombie, smashed Xarbrez with his morning star, leaving him bleeding and unconscious, The others then focused their attacks on the bugbear zombie, eventually slaying it. They a then all attempted to stabilize Xarbrez, however, this was difficult due to the fact that they had not formal training and that Eldon spoiled all the medical supplies. Eventually, Krusk was able to stop Xarbrez blood loss and the players ran away before the hobgoblin zombies could come attack them.

460 EXP each

Items lost:
Ulfgar’s Dwarven Waraxe- Ulfgar dropped this in order to charge the altar, it was NOT picked up when the players fled the Stronghold

Bonus EXP:
25 EXP for everyone for an extremely enjoyable play session

Beer Run

Players Present: Ulfgar, Eldon Thorngage, Krusk, Xarbrez, Bobby the Barbarian

After returning from their encounter with the goblins in the mountains, the player take some time to become better acquainted with the village of Lorburn. Ulfgar takes the silver ring to the general store where Garret Goodbarrel appraises the ring as being worth 200 silver, however after Ulfgar bartered he increased his buying price to 250 silver. Xarbrez went to the Shrine of Ehlonna, where he donated 20 silver in order to help refurbish the shrine. He met Janatis Woodsoul, the elf druid who maintains the shrine. Krusk, the orc paladin, wandered into the village and joins the group. Finally, while looking for work at the tavern, the Tharivol Bardson learned that the owner, Othal Fararr, had had his shipment of beer stolen by goblins. He offers a reward of 50 silver per barrel recovered. Before leaving the tavern to tell the others of this news, Bobby the Barbarian wakes up in the bar and joins Tharivol on the way out.

The players spend five days searching the woods for the group of goblins that stole the beer. On the fifth day, they stumble upon the goblin camp. Inside, they find 3 goblins commanded by a bugbear. After making short work of the bugbear, the players dispose of the goblins with relative ease. The players then proceed to search the tents and bodies, finding a few pieces of silver and three of the barrels of beer untouched. The fourth barrel had had the top smashed open, and had pint glasses all around it. Bobby wandered behind a tent and disappeared. Before returning to Lorburn, Ulfgar removed the head of the bugbear with his dwarven waraxe and brought it back with him.

The players bring the three barrels of beer to Othal, and explain to him how the goblins had already began drinking the fourth barrel, and that that was the reason they did not have it. Othal thanks the players and gives them 150 silver.

180 EXP each
150 silver

Bonus EXP:
Xarbrez-25 EXP for having his own dice

The Adventure begins

Players Present: Ulfgar,Xarbrez,Tharivol Bardson,Eldon Thorngage,Laucian Nailo

The players start in The Drunken Dwarf, a tavern in the village of Lorburn. Suddenly, Walroar rushed into the tavern looking for some one to rescue his wife who had been kidnapped by goblins. Walroar offered 100 silver as a reward and provided a map to lead the players to the goblins hideout.

After spending two days searching for the goblin, the players finally found them during the evening o the second day. After finding Walroar’s wife in a cave with four sleeping goblins Eldon decided to sneak past the sleeping goblins and attempt to rescue Walroar’s wife. After making it to her, he picked her up and began to sneak back. However, as Eldon was sneaking back, five goblins that had been out on patrol returned and combat ensued. During the fierce battle between the goblins and the players, Tharivol was knocked unconscious because he took a goblin’s morningstar to the knee; thankfully Xarbrez, the cleric, healed Tharivol and the battle concluded with Ulfgar cleaving goblins limb from limb. While searching the mangeled goblin corpses, the players found a silver ring.

After the players returned him his wife, Walroar was overjoyed, paid the players their 100 silver, and told then they could stay at his house free of charge.

180 EXP each
100 silver
1 silver ring

Bonus EXP:
Xarbrez – 25 EXP for exceptional roleplaying
Tharivol – 25 EXP for acting out the actions of his character in a hilarious fashion


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