Saviors of the Realm

Beer Run

Players Present: Ulfgar, Eldon Thorngage, Krusk, Xarbrez, Bobby the Barbarian

After returning from their encounter with the goblins in the mountains, the player take some time to become better acquainted with the village of Lorburn. Ulfgar takes the silver ring to the general store where Garret Goodbarrel appraises the ring as being worth 200 silver, however after Ulfgar bartered he increased his buying price to 250 silver. Xarbrez went to the Shrine of Ehlonna, where he donated 20 silver in order to help refurbish the shrine. He met Janatis Woodsoul, the elf druid who maintains the shrine. Krusk, the orc paladin, wandered into the village and joins the group. Finally, while looking for work at the tavern, the Tharivol Bardson learned that the owner, Othal Fararr, had had his shipment of beer stolen by goblins. He offers a reward of 50 silver per barrel recovered. Before leaving the tavern to tell the others of this news, Bobby the Barbarian wakes up in the bar and joins Tharivol on the way out.

The players spend five days searching the woods for the group of goblins that stole the beer. On the fifth day, they stumble upon the goblin camp. Inside, they find 3 goblins commanded by a bugbear. After making short work of the bugbear, the players dispose of the goblins with relative ease. The players then proceed to search the tents and bodies, finding a few pieces of silver and three of the barrels of beer untouched. The fourth barrel had had the top smashed open, and had pint glasses all around it. Bobby wandered behind a tent and disappeared. Before returning to Lorburn, Ulfgar removed the head of the bugbear with his dwarven waraxe and brought it back with him.

The players bring the three barrels of beer to Othal, and explain to him how the goblins had already began drinking the fourth barrel, and that that was the reason they did not have it. Othal thanks the players and gives them 150 silver.

180 EXP each
150 silver

Bonus EXP:
Xarbrez-25 EXP for having his own dice



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