Saviors of the Realm

The Adventure begins

Players Present: Ulfgar,Xarbrez,Tharivol Bardson,Eldon Thorngage,Laucian Nailo

The players start in The Drunken Dwarf, a tavern in the village of Lorburn. Suddenly, Walroar rushed into the tavern looking for some one to rescue his wife who had been kidnapped by goblins. Walroar offered 100 silver as a reward and provided a map to lead the players to the goblins hideout.

After spending two days searching for the goblin, the players finally found them during the evening o the second day. After finding Walroar’s wife in a cave with four sleeping goblins Eldon decided to sneak past the sleeping goblins and attempt to rescue Walroar’s wife. After making it to her, he picked her up and began to sneak back. However, as Eldon was sneaking back, five goblins that had been out on patrol returned and combat ensued. During the fierce battle between the goblins and the players, Tharivol was knocked unconscious because he took a goblin’s morningstar to the knee; thankfully Xarbrez, the cleric, healed Tharivol and the battle concluded with Ulfgar cleaving goblins limb from limb. While searching the mangeled goblin corpses, the players found a silver ring.

After the players returned him his wife, Walroar was overjoyed, paid the players their 100 silver, and told then they could stay at his house free of charge.

180 EXP each
100 silver
1 silver ring

Bonus EXP:
Xarbrez – 25 EXP for exceptional roleplaying
Tharivol – 25 EXP for acting out the actions of his character in a hilarious fashion



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