Saviors of the Realm

The Damnation of Lorburn

Players Present: Laucian Nailo,Xarbrez.Erendor,Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar,Nessence

Xarborez deftly healed Ulfgar before he could loose any more life, the dwarf sprang back up to his feet invigorated and ready to take on the Goblin King and rightfully reclaim his war ax. Tharviol shot arcane magic missiles at the king while the wizard Lucien shot crossbow bolts at the fowl beast. An unknown Elvish figure appeared at the doorway shooting her bow into the direction of our heroes. Endor swung gallantly with his scimitar but the powerful king parried the blow and flung the sword out of the Druids grasp. Yimmeh attempted to bite the king but failed again and again. The unidentified elf shot her bow and slammed an arrow into the benevolent Xarborez dealing him five points of damage.

When all seemed lost for the band of brave companions Ulfgar, Endor, Xarborez and Yimmeh all confronted the King and began a full assault. The King artfully dodged Xarborez’s mace which flung to the ground, but wasn’t so lucky against Ulfgar’s long sword or Endor and his graceful scimitar. Lucien fires his trust light crossbow and lands a critical bolt right into the chest of the King. After heavily damaging the king he retreats back to his throne. He drops Ulfgar’s war ax and claims to surrender but the heroes see he has a dagger hidden on his leg.

The king says how he has a powerful regiment of goblins and they were only attacking and taking what they needed to survive, and that the man in black, known only as “S”, forced him and his people to step out of line. He also gave the heroes a scrap of a map and told them that as they speak S was burning down Lorburn and all of its inhabitants. The heroes consider joining up with the King but in the end he rushes them stabbing Endor in the chest. The heroes quickly finish off the king and rush to Lurburn.

The heroes arrive aghast to find the city bathed in a halo of crimson light. The man in black is casting firebolt after firebolt setting the whole town ablaze. Tharviol tries to cast ray of frost on the fire to help combat it but its effects are useless. The town writhes with arcane flames as everything that is touched by them is destroyed. Xarborez is grief stricken and dashes around the town to find his companion, Janatis Woodsoul. He approaches the shrine and finds it an ashy wasteland. He calls out in vain for her but hears no return. Deciding that they can not do anything more they depart to the Port of Ysgrival, the town marked on the map. After over twenty days of travel they enter the giant town, its impressive size overlooks a great ocean but everyone is too road weary to take in the sights. The travelers find the inn and all purchase rooms for the night to rest their tired selves.

5 gold peices
200 EXP each for everyone but Nessence who received 90 EXP

Bonus EXP-
Xarbrez- 25 EXP for having dice
Tharivol Bardson- 125 EXP; 25 for dice, 100 for writing the adventure log.



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