Saviors of the Realm

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 1

Player Present: Eldon Thorngage, Krusk, Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez

After returning to Lorburn, the players split up and look for something to do to occupy their time. Ulfgar went to the graveyard, dug a hole, and buried the bugbear head, in hopes that it would one day grow into a bugbear tree. Tharivol went to The Drunken Dwarf, and asked Othal Fararr if he knew of any work that the players could do. He informed Tharivol that the entire village was gathered at town hall. Xarbrez went to the shrine to pray, and Eldon Thorngage ran around the village searching for work. When the players regrouped they went to the town hall, where the village was discussing what to do about the goblin raids. The players volunteered to clear out the goblin stronghold, however, they were unsure of where to go. After learning that Dorgrim Baztek, the village drunk, might have knowledge of the strongholds location the players headed to The Drunken Dwarf.

The players found Dorgrim, passed out in the corner of the tavern. After gently waking him up, the players after him if he had any knowledge of the goblin stronghold. He said he did, but that he needed a beer to remember. After Tharivol bought him a pint, he lead them to the goblin stronghold which was hidden in the mountains.

Inside the stronghold, the players came to a pair of double doors. Eldon listened at the doors and heard footsteps while Krusk used detect evil and sensed three weak evil presences. Ready for battle, the players opened the doors and engaged a bugbear and two hobgoblins in combat. After slaying them, Ulfgar chopped of the head of the bugbear and then the party proceded to search the bodies, finding nothing. However, the noise of the battle attracted the attention of more enemies, a hobgoblin and two goblins, who entered the chamber the players where in from the left. The players quickly slew the two goblins, and the hobgoblin, fearing for his life, fled. This second encounter leaves the players wary about the rest of the stronghold, so they head back to Lorburn to recover.

While recovering in Lorburn, Ulfgar went to the blacksmith to inquire about acquiring better armor. When he learned he did not have enough money, Ulfgar attempted to barter with the blacksmith by offering him a bugbear head; this did not go over well with the blacksmith though because he was an orc and orcs are related to bugbears. Tharivol went to Garret’s Goods to inquire about buying healing potions. After Garret Goodbarrel lectured him about how difficult it was to acquire health potions, Tharivol revealed that he did not have the money to buy a health potion and Garret yelled at him, telling him to leave and come back with money. Krusk went to the blacksmith to inquire about serrating his great axe, but after hearing how much it would cost, left without enhancing his weapon. Xarbrez went to the shrine again where he met with Janatis Woodsoul told him that it was rumored that there was a goblin king in the stronghold and that if he was defeated, the goblins would have no leader and the raids would stop. Finally, Eldon went to Garret’s Goods, hoping that since both he and Garret were halfling, he might be more successful then Tharivol. He was not though, and he was kicked out of Garret’s Goods.

After they had recovered, the players returned to the goblin stronghold. The doors had been closed again and Krusk’s detect evil sensed a weak aura. When the doors were opened, the players found a bugbear moving the corpses from the players first trip to the stronghold. After slaying it, the players searched the room again, Ulfgar removed the bugbear’s head and found a morning star. The players then proceeded through the doors on the right and cautiously entered an empty room that had a shallow pool of water in it. Heading back through the first room and into the hall to the left, they came to a locked door. After Eldon unlocked and opened it, the players came to a crypt with three sealed stone coffins and one that had been smashed. At the far side of the room was an altar with a bright red gem in it. In front of the altar was the motionless body of a bugbear. The players proceeded with caution into the room, shooting a crossbow bolt at the bugbear to make sure it was actually dead, and not just sleeping. However, it was then that the altar flashed red and a voice cried out, “Mortals!”. At that same moment, hobgoblin zombies bust from the coffins and the bugbear rose as a zombie. Xarbrez attempted to turn the undead twice, succeeding at turning the three hobgoblin zombies. Meanwhile, the others focus their attack on the altar, hoping that by destroying it they would make the zombies stop being zombies. The altar retaliated by shooting arcane bolts of energy and making flashes of red light, but due to the onslaught of blows bing rained upon it, was eventually cracked in half. However, the zombies remained after the altar had been destroyed, and that bugbear zombie, smashed Xarbrez with his morning star, leaving him bleeding and unconscious, The others then focused their attacks on the bugbear zombie, eventually slaying it. They a then all attempted to stabilize Xarbrez, however, this was difficult due to the fact that they had not formal training and that Eldon spoiled all the medical supplies. Eventually, Krusk was able to stop Xarbrez blood loss and the players ran away before the hobgoblin zombies could come attack them.

460 EXP each

Items lost:
Ulfgar’s Dwarven Waraxe- Ulfgar dropped this in order to charge the altar, it was NOT picked up when the players fled the Stronghold

Bonus EXP:
25 EXP for everyone for an extremely enjoyable play session



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