Saviors of the Realm

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 3

Players Present: Laucian Nailo, Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez, Erendor

After a sudden flash of light, the ork druid that had been with the party vanished and instead Erendor stood in his place with his animal companion, a wolf called Yimmeh. The flash knocked out Eldon, so Ulfgar picked him up. Finally Laucian rushed in to join the players after a very long nap. The players then preceded to brutalize the goblins, though they goblins did succeed in knocking Yimmeh unconscious. However, Erendor and Xarbrez took care of healing up the party. The players then returned to the room where they had fought the demon altar and found two hallways leading off of it; the hall on the left led to a room with chests, but because Eldon was unconscious they opted to head the other way which was a hallway which they could not see all the way down because of a thick fog. Ulfgar and Erendor advanced and set of a pitfall which Ernendor avoided, but Ulfgar fell into. After climbing out the Ulfgar saw a corridor stemming off of the hallway that they were in that looked as though it was supported by wooden beams. Instead of going that way, Tharivol went back into the previous room, cut off a corse’s hand, cast light on it, and through it into the fog. The players heard a sound of surpris and prepared for battle. As the moved through the fog, they saw a bugbear sitting on a throne sitting next to a man in black robes. The bugbear charged at the players with a dwarven waraxe while the man in black robes looked on. The players shoot bolts at the man in black, but they all missed. Finally, the bugbear struck Ulfgar with a mighty blow, knocking him unconscious. The man in black grined, and then teleported away.

270 EXP for everyone but Eldon,Laucian and Erendor, who each receive 180 EXP

Bonus EXP-
Xarbrez- 25 EXP for having dice
Tharivol- 25 EXP for having a major part in organizing the play session

Level Up-
Eldon reached level 2


when did you type this up, it has more grammatical errors than a Riverhead remedial English class essay.

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 3

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