Saviors of the Realm

The Salvation of Lorburn Part 2

Players Present: Eldon Thorngage,Tharivol Bardson, Ulfgar, Xarbrez, Ork Druid

After spending a week recovering in Lorburn, the players are finally ready to go back to the lair of the goblins. Before departing, Xarbrez went to visit Janatis Woodsoul to thank her for administering care to him. After a pleasant chat, Xarbrez asks Janatis if she had any first aid supplies, which she had and gave to him free of charge. Eldon went to the blacksmith to buy five new bolts and, through a combination of sweet talking and the orkish blacksmith’s stupidity, was able to get the bolts for a whooping one silver and twenty copper. Tharivol also went to the blacksmith to buy bolts, but did not get such a good deal paying five silver for the bolts. Finally, an orkish druid and his bear cub joined the players as the headed back to the goblins lair.

On the way to the goblins lair, the players encountered a group of two hobgolins and three goblins. After quickly defeating them, which happened partly because the enemies kept dropping their weapons, the orkish druid found on of the hobgoblins longswords and gave it to Ulfgar, who by this time was armed to the teeth with all the weapons he had collected. The players then made it the rest of the way to the goblins lair.

After opening the first set of doors, the players opened the doors leading to the room with the pool and looked down the hallway and found nothing. The players then turned around and headed into the hallway with split into two directions, one of which had been unexplored, and the other being the way to where the demon altar had resided. The players decided that they would go the way they had not went yet and found that the doors were locked, however, this was not a problem because Eldon unlocked it on his first try. On the other side of the doors were a dozen goblins! The players organized themselves and prepared for battle, the goblins did the same. After lightly striking and killing a goblin, the players heard the goblins complaining that the adventures just had to come after their wrestling tournament. This did not stop three goblins from swarming Ulfgar and injuring him. The ork healed him back to full strength and the play session ended id encounter.

180 EXP each
A long sword

Bonus EXP-
Eldon-25 EXP for roleplaying
Tharivol-25 EXP for having his own dice
Xarbrez-50 EXP, 25 for dice and 25 for roleplaying

Level Ups-
Ulfgar,Tharivol, andXarbrez all reached Level 2
Notes on Leveling:
The players can level their characters during time in town. Also classes that learn new spells, like wizards and sorcerers, must learn those spells from a teacher.



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